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Some say that one of the first things a woman notices about a man, is his shoes! Well guess what! If a lady wears a shoe in such a way that she becomes one with it, a man will notice just as much as a woman! A shoe that makes you feel like a Princess, will make you radiate self esteem and high status and you will attract hgih status men into your life! Your shoes are an extension to your body. It makes you taller and it determines the way you walk. The right shoe gives you the perfect figure and will highlight your curves! Men like high heels!    


womens shoes

Egyptian Princess.

Shoes have always meant a lot. Shoes underlines who you are and help you convey your very special personality to your surroundings. The Egyptian Princess signals ancient wisdom and she contains a lot more than the eye can see! Shs has a mystical almost spiritual aura and she is in perfect  balance!




Shoes for princesses



Nubian Princess. 

Shoes are part of your personality! Be sure to send the right signals to the world!  The Nubian Princess signals soft beauty and kindness. She has risen from poverty to power! She is on top of any situation due to her loving heart! High heels will lift your heart closer to heaven!


Exclusive womens shoes




womens shoes



These womens shoes were some of the finest we ever reviewed. Unfortunately they are not available anymore. Hopefully we weill find replacements soon:- D


Gold and Silver Shoes for princesses